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Courts & Election Held at John Deharts House in Mississippi (This John Dehart is who I believe, but cannot prove, is John Jackson Dehart's Father.

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Social Security Death Records: Dehart (Issued in Texas)

Miscellaneous Records of other Dehart Families

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Dehart: First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Olde East, New, Indiana

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New Jersey Deharts : 1. Index to Wills, 2. Colonial History,   3. Old Hopewell,NJ, 4.Somerville, NJ,  5. Rev. Dr. William H. DeHart, 6. Cornelius DeHart, 7. Morristown, NJ, 8.Cordelia Dehart

Pennsylvania Deharts


The Following is from:


of the

Mississippi Historical Society


Dehart, John, courts and election held in the house of, 268,269,273


268            Mississippi Historical Society.

line between townships 17 and 18 ,strikes the same, thence along said line to where the same strikes the Yazoo River, thence up the last named river to the place of beginning, shall constitute a county which shall be called the county of Washington.2

This was a non-act because of an impossible description, but in the following year, I828, the southern boundary line was changed and conforms to the southern boundary line of today.

Coincident with the formation of Washington county, and in the same legislative act, the town of New Mexico was named as the first seat of Washington county. And the residence of John DeHart, within that town, was named as the Place for holding courts, until a courthouse could be erected. An election for sheriff and coroner was ordered to be held in the house of the said John DeHart. William B. Cook, Philip Gilbert and Thomas Martin were appointed commissioners to select a site, and contract for the building of a courthouse and jail for said county.3

The town of New Mexico was located on the bank of the Mississippi River about five miles south of the 33rd parallel and about that same distance from the southern boundary line of Washington county as established in the year I828. It was about nine miles south of the town of Princeton and was really outside of Washington county boundaries, which act probably accounts, in part, for its rejection later, as the county seat. Thus are seen two glaring mistalres made by the legislature in one and the same act: First, a false description in the establishment of this county, which was a non-act and gave no county; second, in the selection and establishment of New Mexico as the county seat, which seat was at the time, beyond the boundaries of the county.

In February, 1829, the election precincts, as before established, were changed from the house of John DeHart in the town of Mexico, to the courthouse in that town, and other changes made were to the house then occupied by WiIliam W. Blantan (father of the late O. M. Blanton), whose plantation and residence were where Greenville now stands. Another designated place for holding elections was at the house, then occupied by Barnett Dempsey.6 


      County Seats of Washington County-Ireys.         269

William B. Cook, one of the commissioners appointed to select a building site for the courthouse and jail in New Mexico, was probate judge, and held his first term of court, June 18, 1827, in the house of John DeHart, as provided, and in 1829 in the courthouse, as that building had been erected; and in the January term (25th day) 1830, he made record above his signature, that a probate court was held in New Mexico in and for the county of Washingtan.6

In a little over three years, a place called Princeton, in honor of the late William B. Prince, whose death occurred April, 1823, was selected by the legislature as a permanent seat of justice for the county.  In recognition of their past faithful services, the same commissioners, who had charge of the buildings erected in New Mexico, were authorized and empowered to remove the public buildings from the town of New Mexico to Princeton, and there to erect a suitable courthouse and jail. And they were further authorized to receive, by purchase or donation, a lot of land of such dimensions as they might deem sufficient for a public square; for that, as is seen in Mississippi towns that are aged, was a necessary adjunct.7

Princeton was located on the river a short distance below Leota. In and about Princeton lived families, who were not only socially prominent, but educated and refined and possessed of means and property, being large land owners. The Lake Washington country, some seven miles back from the river, was well settled hy distinguished families, and still further toward the sunrise, on the high banks of that wonderful stream, Deer Creek, wealthy men from Kentucky and other slave-holding states settled.

For a period of five years Or more, Princeton grew; the country around and back of it was being rapidly developed. The settlers on Deer Creek and Lake Washington desired easy and rapid access to the Mississippi River, both for freight and travel. The dav of railroads had come; it was also the age of expansion, progress, developement and invtestment; immense were the land holdings; great was the advance in value of wild lands; and visions of greater wealth loomed up.  A railroad and banking scheme was agitated, which culminated in the act incorporating the Lake Washington and Deer Creek Railroad and Banking Company, approved February 26, 1836. 


County Seats of Washington County-Ireys. 273

it. A majority of the commissioners named, were to have authority to receive subscriptions to be made in gold or silver or notes of speciepaying banks. The banking powers conferred by the charter were to cease from and after April 1, I861. As already evidenced, this is not altogether scientific history. As Delta, drainage will not be confined to main canals, but will have spreading laterals, to reach the cabin in the clearing, so this tide of history will be augmented by the flow from lives in many a home and hamlet. A divergence in the beginning, by the mention of the name of Governor Brandon, will develop a biographical sketch of the Brandon family, of rare merit. The mention of the names of other families, places and scenes, will interest and be the means of bringing family history to the front. Neither will the line of recorded history alone be followed, but inferential data will be accepted- For instance, when the county seat was New Mexico, what evidence was there that a courthouse haci been built? The residence of John DeHart in 1827 was selected by the legislature for the holding of courts and as a voting precinct, but by the act of I829, the voting precinct was removed from John DeHart's house to the courthouse in New Mexico, which is proof positive that the courthouse was built. Tradition which has been verbally transmittcd from father to son, from ancestor to posterity, will also find a welcome place on these pages. The projected route of the railroad was induced by the settlers on Deer Creek and Lake Washington, who were ably represented on the board of commissioners by Robert P. Shelby for Deer Creek, and by Andrew Knox for Lake Washington, both large land owners from each section. The high standing of the members of the commission appointed to open the books for stock subscription, together with their extensive holdings of land, seemed a guarantee of the success of the enterprise. The amount of the subscription to be paid in specie to secure the charter had the tone of solidity. The restrictions imposed by the legislature manifested consideration and care for the subscribing public. The place of departure and the points to be touched by the road with its teminals, were sufficiently explicit. The limit of time for its construction appeared adequate. A president and cashier were elected, and bank notes in Sums from five dollars to one hundred dollars were issued and bore the names






New Jersey Deharts

Index to Wills

DeHart, Mathias. B. F, p. 534.

Dehart, Harvey S., 4644Q. W. 1847. Inv. 1847

Deharts in the Colonial History of New Jersey

Dehart, Guisbert and Ann Brees 1799 Oct. 24

Brees, Ann, and Guisbert Dehart 1799 Oct. 24

Kingslant, Catharina, and Matthias DeHart 1746

DeHart, Matthias, from Elisabethtown, and Catharina Kingslant, from N. Berbadus, marr. with license of March 31 1746

Merill, Abigail, Elizabeth, and Samuel Dehart, Elizabeth 1749 Sept. 28

Dehart, Gasha, Middletown, and Simon Bergen, Long Island 1767 May 16

DeHart, Catharine, Freehold, and Peter Covenhoven, Middletown 1749 July 27

Dehart, Samuel, Elizabeth, and Abigal Merrill, Elizabeth 1749 Sept. 28

Covenhoven, Peter, Middletown, and Catherine Dehart, Freehold 1749 July 27

Bergen, Simon, Long Island, and Gasha Dehart, Middletown 1767 May 16

Old Hopewell,NJ

Maria, daughter of Uriah DeHart of Ten Mile Run,  who was the sixth generation in the line of Simon DeHart a French Huguenot who emigrated to this country in 1664 and settled at Gowanus

L. I. Uriah DeHart married Margaret, daughter of Henry Van Arsdalen, great, great grandson of Isaac Van Arsdalen,


DeHart, Abraham, d. Aug. 24, 1832, aged 74 yrs.

DeHart, Cornelius (son of Cornelius and Margaret), d. Oct. 5, 1791, aged 3 yrs.

DeHart, Cornelius, d. Sept. 12, 1805, aged 9 yrs., 6 mos., 13 dys.

DeHart, John Van Cleef, d. May 13, 1819, aged 26 yrs.

DeHart, Sarah Van Cleef (wife of Abraham), d. Oct. 7, 1844, aged 85 yrs., 3 mos., 16 dys

DeHart, Cornelius and Elie--George Hogeland.

Dehart, Cornelius son of Corn. and Anne--Mary.

Dehart, Abraham and Sarah--John Van Clive.

Dehart, Hendrick and Mareyte--Vryai. 

Dehart, Peter and Pegge--Hendrick.

Dehart, Jacobus and Antie--Geisbert.

Dehart, Cornelius and Eyda--Catreinte

Dehart, Winnant and Marya--Enney.

Dehart, Jan and Enney--Abraham

Dehart, Welhelmes and Antie--Catreinte

Dehart, Peter and Phegge--Corneljus

Dehart, Hendrick and Maryia--Maghdelena

Dehart, Cornelius and Marya--Corne lyus

Dehart, Peter and Gerritye--Johnnis.

Dehart, Gysbert and Jannetje--Wynant

Dehart, Cornelus and Mayke--Sara

Dehart, Hendrick and Mooya--Machdelena

Death of Rev. Dr. William H. DeHart: Although Dr. DeHart removed from this County to Plainfield in 1911, he made an impress here which will long remain. His death on Feb. 14, 1916, after several strokes of paralysis, re-awakened many pleasant memories of the man and of his work while pastorat Raritan. Born in New Brunswick in 1837, and graduating at Rutgers College in 1865 and at the Theological Seminary there three years later, he served as pastor of the Reformed churches at North and South Hampton, Pa., 1868-'71; Knox Memorial Chapel, N . Y. City, 1871-'77; Jamaica, L. I., 1877-'87; Bethlehem (First), N. Y., 1887-'88; and then came to Raritan, where his faithful services for 23 years (1888-1911) were marked by fine courtesy, great industry and success.

Cornelius DeHart, of Six-Mile Run, purchased of the Indians 210 acres of land, but was compelled to repurchase it from the Proprietors, paying, therefore, twice for the same property. He had three sons and several daughters; some other sons died early. The sons who survived were: Cornelius, Guisbert and Abraham. After the death of his father, Cornelius, Jr., owned and lived on the one-third part of the land, which is now in the possession of Charles Dunham. Guisbert and Abraham had the remaining part, and lived in the house which the father erected, and to which additions and improvements have been made, being the one in which John S. Voorhees and family reside. One of his daughters, Sarah, married Roeloff Voorhees, grandfather of Abram D. Voorhees, of Adams' Station. Another daughter, Ann, married Jacobus DeHart.

Among other early settlers along the old Indian Path was Cornelius DeHart, a son of Simon DeHart, of French origin, who came to this country in 1664, and bought, prior to 1673, a farm of about 300 acres at Gowanus, L. I. He had sons: Simon, who remained there; Elias, who settled in Monmouth county, N. J.; also a grandson Cornelius, who, in 1720, settled at Six-Mile Run. Simon, the son, who inherited the Gowanus farm, left no male descendants, and it came into the possession of Simon Bergen, one of the descendants in the female line.

CORDELIA DEHART b 7 May 1852 New Brunswick, NJ; d June 1913 Bloomingdale, NJ: bur same; d/o James DeHart and Elizabeth Holman

Morristown, NJ, Descendants of Thomas Halsey

George Franklin, b. Sept. 5, 1852, at Morristown, N. J.; living at Portland, Oregon; printer; m. May 26, 1875, Mary I. DeHart. Has one daughter, Beatrice DeHart, b. at Lafayette, Ind., March 4, 1876.


First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Olde East,  New, Indiana

Dehart, Baltazer (1674), 2,120 acres.

Dehart, Cornelius

Dehart, Daniel 1675, 112 acres

Dehart, Ditto  (1673), 400 acres.

Dehart, Elias 1710

Dehart, Guyzbut 1710

Dehart, Jacob A 1754 35

Dehart, Math.

Dehart, Samue


Dehart/ Cortelyou Families

Children of Jaques and Jacomyntie (Van Pelt) Cortelyou: Deborah, b. Nov. 29, 1720; bap. Dec. 26, 1720; witnesses, "Pieter Cotelau and Dorothe Coteleau"; m. Derick Bergen. Four children. Peter, b. Oct. 3, 1722; bap. Nov. 4, 1722; witnesses, Rem Van der Beek and "Dorothe Coteleau"; m. Annanetie (or Angenietje) DeHart. Two children.

Children of Hendrick and Johanna (Stoothoff) Cortelyou:  Hendrick, b. Aug. 8, 1761; d. March 14, 1841; m., 1st, Nov. 15, 1787, Ann DeHart; m., 2nd, July 8, 1795, Elizabeth Nevius. Six children. HENDRICK CORTELYOU (Hendrick, Hendrick, Jaques, Jaques) was b. in Franklin Township, Somerset Co., N. J., Aug. 8, 1761; bap. at Six Mile Run, N. J., Sept. 6, 1761; d. March 14, 1841; m., 1st, Nov. 15, 1787, Ann DeHart, who was b. Oct. 24, 1762 and d. Nov. 30, 1793, dau. of Cornelius and Maria ((???)) DeHart; m., 2nd, July 8, 1795, Elizabeth Nevius, who was b. April 9, 1762 and d. Jan. 22, 1848, dau. of Peter and Maria (Van Doren) Nevius. Peter Nevius was b. near Three Mile Run, N. J., was bap. at New Brunswick, April 23, 1727, and m. about 1751 Maria Van Doren, who was b. Feb. 9, 1729 and d. in 1822, dau. of Christian and Altje (Schenck) Van Doren of Middlebush, N. J.

Children of Hendrick and Ann (DeHart) Cortelyou: Hendrick (Henry H.), b. Nov. 5, 1789; bap Dec. 13, 1789; d. Sept. 10, 1856; m. Maria (Mary) Voorhees. One child.  Mary, b. Feb. 25, 1792; bap. June 27, 1792; d. March 12, 1794. Buried at Ten Mile Run.

WILLIAM EDWARD CORTELYOU (Howard Livingston, William Henry, Menah Voorhees, William, Hendrick, Hendrick, Jaques, Jaques) was b. at New Brunswick, N. J., Aug. 1, 1880; m. at New Brunswick, June 24, 1902, Lillie Fuller Hyde, who was b. at New Brunswick, July 5, 1880, dau. of Paul Forman and Emily Jane (DeHart) Hyde. Paul Forman Hyde was b. in New Brunswick, N. J., Sept. 1, 1860 and m. in New Brunswick, July 2, 1879, Emily Jane DeHart, who was b. in New Brunswick, July 2, 1861.


Dehart/Bergen Family

....son of Johannes Bergen and Tryntje De Hart, and her cousin. Tryntje Schenck, after the death of Seymon De Hart, her husband, m. (2d), Peter Conover, of Middletown, N. J., the father of Jacob Conover, who m. Rachel, dau. of Tuni s and Johanna Bergen, of Gowanus, the said Tunis being the grandfather of Teunis G. Bergen. Seymen, by his will, dated March 5th, proved March 21st, 1746-7, recorded lib. 16, p. 99, in the surrogate's office, New York, devised his farm to his son Simon, subject to a legacy of œ300 to his sister "Gesye;" appointed his wife "Caty," father-in-law Rulof Schenck, and brothers-in-law Peter Cortelyou and Johannes Bergen, executors. Simon, son of Seymen DeHart and Tryntj e Schenck, and husband of Mary --, died in 1769, without issue, devising by his will, dated September 26th, 1769, proved Oct. 15th, 1769, recorded lib. 27, p. 103, office surrogate of New York, all his real estate, including his plantation.

4th avenues, and between 39th and 40th streets, Brooklyn, which plot was probably used for the same purpose by the DeHart family, the owners of the farm previous to Simon Bergen. Oct. 26th, 1827, Simon Bergen and Jane, his wife, conveyed this plot to John S. Bergen, Garren Bergen, Jacob Bergen, Peter Bergen, Leffert Bergen, Theodorus Bergen, Cornelius Bergen, and John T. Bergen, and to their descendants forever, for burying purposes, reserving the perpetual right of burial for himself and his descendants. At the time a written agreement was also entered into by all of the above parties to keep the burial plot in good repair, and the plot was enclbsed by the parties with a substantial stone wall.

MATTHEW EGERTON BERGEN, b. Dec. 25th, 1813; m. Dec. 25th, 1830, Sarah Dehart, who d. March 17th, 1841; m. (2d), Nov. 9th, 1844, Gitty A. H. Manly. Late a farmer; in 1862, resided in George street, New Brunswick, N. J. He joined the FirstReformed Dutch Church of New Brunswick, Sept. 5th, 1835, and his wife Sarah Dehart, Sept. 20th, 1834.

Jacob DeHart, b. May 22d, 1845; m. Oct. 22d, 1868, Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of George Pool, of Gowanus, who d. Dec. 20th, 1869, in her 23d year, and has issue: DeHart, b. Dec. 3d, 1869. Is engaged in the feed business in the city of Brooklyn.

Margaret H., b. Jan. 5th, 1805; m. Dec. 15th, 1831, John V. Bergen (278), of Gowanus, who d. July 30th, 1856, of yellow fever, and had issue: Mary Gashe, Sarah Vanderbilt (dec'd), Margaret Maria (dec'd), Theodore (dec'd), John DeHart (dec'd), Caroline H. (dec'd), Miles H., Simon DeHart (dec'd), and Ida. For dates see children of John V. Bergen.

Johannes or Hans (and Antie Eldertse Lucassen), descendants of &n bsp;   Johannes, Hans or John (and Catryntje DeHart), Johannes (and Magdalena Boerum),  Johannes or John (and Rebicca Stryker),


Deharts in Culpeper Co., VA

William DeHart married Miss Elizabeth Carter Grayson, Oct. 18, 1871. Issue:--1. Annie Blanche, m. H. E. Hanes; 2. Roberta Alexander, m. W. C. Boswell; 3. Mary Lee, m. J. C. Martin; 4. Pembroke Thom; 5. Lena G.; 6. Wm. DeHart; 7. John Grayson; 8.Mayo McGill; 9. Bessie Catlett; 10. E. P.; 11. Abby T. Thomas Cameron, lost at sea

The second wife of Col. John Thom was Miss Abigail DeHart Mayo, third daughter of Col. William Mayo, of Powhatan seat, Henrico county, and his his wife Elizabeth Poythress. By this marriage he had: Elizabeth Mayo, who m. Mr. Wm. Buckner Ross, of Bel Pre,Culpeper; they had five children, Dr. George Ross, of Richmond, Col. John DeHart, of Lexington, Lieut. Wm. Alexander, who was killed in the front of battle, leading a charge in 1864, Judge Erskine Mayo now a U. S. Circuit Judge in the State of California, and Mary Cameron m. and lives in Richmond.

The Deposition of Hartman Wessels, aged 54, or thereabouts, and John Cavalier, aged 45, deponents being sworn upon the Holy Evangelists, that on or about the 9th day of July, 1689, these deponents were then at the house of Daniel De Hart, late of New York, deceased, and that they heard the said Daniel DeHart declare that he left all his estate to his then wife, Martha DeHart. And both further declare that the said Daniel DeHart was then at that time of perfect sense and memory to the best of their knowledge, and further sayeth not. Hartman Wessells, John Cavalier, Gertrude Jans Van Tuyl. New York, May , 1690. Jurat Coram, me, S. Van Cortlandt. Gertryd Jans Van Tuyl, also being sworn, says that she heard Daniel DeHart declare the words in the above deposition expressed, and that she was requested to be a witness.


Hendricks County, Indiana Marriage Records

Dehart Joseph E Mary Penrod Nov 2 1889 10 421

Dehart Mary Joseph Gilbert Dec 30 1844 2 303


Benton County, Indiana Marriage Records

DeHart B Thomas, A Mary Williams June 12 1863 W Dec 2?? 1907

Dehart Detha, Charles E Callicoat Mar 28 1903

Dehart Lenora P, Robert W Voliva Mar 23 1898

Dehart Mattie, John L Jones Sept 3 1880

Dehart Richard, (???) Sewell F W Oct 31 1886

Dehart Thomas, Martha Snell F W Mar 24 1884


Allen County, Indiana Index to Marriage Records A-Z 1824-1920

DeHart Louisa, Mark Lawyer - Jan 31 1871

DeHart Mary, William Myers - July 7 1864


Pennsylvania Deharts

John Calvin Marshall was born Oct. 25, 1890 near Dayton, Pa., the fifth child of William Lewis and Sarah Ellen (Beck) Marshall. John married Della Snowden born in Dayton, the daughter of David and Savilla (Sechrist) Snowden. Della was born Feb.7, 1889 and was still living at Earlville, Ill. in 1980. John and Della had two sons, Bruce and Glenn. John and Della were later divorced, and John moved to the Reading, Pa. area and married Sadie M. Dehart. Sadie was born in 1902 the daughter ofLlewellen and Mary (Dotterer) Dehart. John died Aug. 8, 1961 and Sadie died Jan. 3, 1964. They last lived at Fleetwood, Pa. and are buried at Oley Church Cemetery Spangsville, Pa.


Social Security Death Records: Dehart (Issued in Texas)

Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN
MARGARET DEHART 27 Aug 1913 Mar 1987 78210 (San Antonio, Bexar, TX) 78214 (San Antonio, Bexar, TX) 449-01-1951
WILLIAM DEHART 26 Aug 1884 May 1965 (Texas) (none specified) 449-03-2537
THOMAS DEHART 23 Jul 1913 Nov 1985 77068 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 449-05-5940
W DEHART 25 Sep 1918 15 May 1966 (PE) (none specified) 449-05-8458
CARL DEHART 09 Jun 1928 15 Dec 1996 75766 (Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX) (none specified) 449-32-5276
BOBBY DEHART 04 May 1928 Mar 1985 73401 (Ardmore, Carter, OK) 97113 (Cornelius, Washington, OR) 449-34-6713
JAMES DEHART 17 Jun 1931 Sep 1972 (not specified) (none specified) 449-38-9062
ANNA DEHART 18 Aug 1914 Dec 1985 77009 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 449-56-4966
DAVID DEHART 26 May 1955 08 Feb 1999 (72) (none specified) 449-98-3895
RAYMOND DEHART 03 Aug 1905 Dec 1953 (not specified) (none specified) 450-01-6462
HARRY DEHART 28 Dec 1911 13 Oct 1998 75751 (Athens, Henderson, TX) (none specified) 450-07-1075
ARTHUR DEHART 07 Apr 1909 29 Apr 1995 79072 (Plainview, Hale, TX) (none specified) 450-07-4868
ALTA DEHART 13 May 1886 Mar 1974 77656 (Silsbee, Hardin, TX) (none specified) 450-17-7585
JAMES DEHART 05 Mar 1904 Nov 1979 64127 (Kansas City, Jackson, MO) 64113 (Kansas City, Jackson, MO) 450-18-1792
JOSEPH DEHART 13 Jun 1936 28 Dec 1986 (FO) (none specified) 450-52-3335
J DEHART 12 Sep 1905 10 Aug 1988 76645 (Hillsboro, Hill, TX) (none specified) 451-09-8806
EARNEST DEHART 18 Jan 1886 Apr 1972 75050 (Grand Prairie, Dallas, TX) (none specified) 451-20-0300
EDMUND DEHART 21 Jan 1927 Mar 1974 (not specified) (none specified) 452-44-3663
CLAUDE DEHART 18 Sep 1913 Apr 1970 (not specified) (none specified) 452-44-7476
BILLIE DEHART 07 Oct 1947 06 Dec 1997 (72) (none specified) 452-76-6006
BRUCE DEHART 19 Jun 1917 Oct 1976 (not specified) (none specified) 453-12-3807
HERMAN DEHART 03 Mar 1920 16 Jan 1999 76116 (Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX) (none specified) 453-14-5377
W DEHART 30 Jun 1916 28 Feb 1990 75670 (Marshall, Harrison, TX) (none specified) 453-14-7757
JOE DEHART 14 Sep 1919 15 Aug 1993 77048 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 453-24-0024
ODIES DEHART 20 Oct 1906 Jul 1972 75050 (Grand Prairie, Dallas, TX) (none specified) 453-24-0952
LILLIAN DEHART 16 Feb 1902 Apr 1987 77009 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 453-28-4959
LEONA DEHART 08 Dec 1893 Jun 1975 75766 (Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX) (none specified) 453-30-5517
CLIFTON DEHART 07 Nov 1925 13 Feb 1985 70510 (Abbeville, Vermilion, LA) (none specified) 453-36-7315
ALBERT DEHART 04 Feb 1890 Jul 1969 75670 (Marshall, Harrison, TX) (none specified) 454-07-2138
ALBERT DEHART 18 Aug 1915 Dec 1976 (not specified) 75670 (Marshall, Harrison, TX) 454-07-2906
F DEHART 01 Jun 1928 15 Dec 1987 (PE) (none specified) 454-28-9672
RUTH DEHART 09 Sep 1910 Jul 1984 79045 (Hereford, Deaf Smith, TX) (none specified) 454-31-4905
JETTA DEHART 09 May 1900 May 1981 77612 (Buna, Jasper, TX) (none specified) 454-70-3793
HARRIETT DEHART 23 Jan 1901 02 Nov 1990 95737 (not specified) (none specified) 455-05-7679
BILLIE DEHART 07 Jul 1911 17 Aug 1989 76531 (Hamilton, Hamilton, TX) (none specified) 455-10-2956
RODGER DEHART 11 Aug 1887 May 1971 76645 (Hillsboro, Hill, TX) (none specified) 455-16-2498
CHARLES DEHART 06 May 1876 Mar 1951 (not specified) (none specified) 455-16-6502
EARL DEHART 14 Jul 1901 Dec 1980 79045 (Hereford, Deaf Smith, TX) (none specified) 455-40-2976
JAMES DEHART 25 Apr 1920 31 Mar 1997 75640 (Diana, Upshur, TX) (none specified) 455-42-8911
EVIE DEHART 03 Feb 1909 Mar 1987 77801 (Bryan, Brazos, TX) (none specified) 455-56-4592
WILLIAM DEHART 31 Dec 1907 Mar 1986 73020 (Choctaw, Oklahoma, OK) (none specified) 456-01-8775
JAMES DEHART 16 Aug 1882 Sep 1964 (Texas) (none specified) 456-12-2894
SELMA DEHART 06 Nov 1898 Sep 1986 75216 (Dallas, Dallas, TX) (none specified) 456-32-9825
ANN DEHART 24 Jan 1910 24 Jun 1991 (not specified) (none specified) 457-24-1115
CECIL DEHART 23 Sep 1910 17 Apr 1989 80004 (Arvada, Jefferson, CO) (none specified) 458-01-9575
EDITH DEHART 30 Jun 1918 14 Aug 1995 76520 (Cameron, Milam, TX) (none specified) 458-08-4216
WILMER DEHART 07 Oct 1923 May 1987 (not specified) (none specified) 458-22-0415
LOIS DEHART 08 Oct 1922 Jul 1986 77705 (Beaumont, Jefferson, TX) (none specified) 458-28-7531
LOVEL DEHART 20 Mar 1929 Jan 1978 98815 (Cashmere, Chelan, WA) (none specified) 458-36-4447
FRANK DEHART 22 Mar 1944 Oct 1984 77078 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 458-68-3223
ROBERT DEHART 04 Jan 1947 Jan 1983 79110 (Amarillo, Randall, TX) (none specified) 458-72-1664
SUSAN DEHART 05 Nov 1878 15 Jul 1973 78570 (Mercedes, Hidalgo, TX) (none specified) 458-86-3720
CURTIS DEHART 18 Mar 1918 Oct 1967 77012 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 459-05-0244
JOHN DEHART 18 Aug 1920 22 Nov 1998 71115 (Shreveport, Caddo, LA) (none specified) 459-09-8685
O DEHART 17 Oct 1910 Jun 1975 77018 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 459-10-7866
HAROLD DEHART 28 Aug 1925 Dec 1968 (not specified) (none specified) 459-22-9643
CALLIE DEHART 22 Feb 1905 Feb 1983 78026 (Jourdanton, Atascosa, TX) (none specified) 459-34-5654
LUCY DEHART 12 Sep 1889 Mar 1987 75670 (Marshall, Harrison, TX) (none specified) 459-39-7296
J DEHART 06 Jan 1943 Jul 1992 (not specified) (none specified) 459-72-6228
JAMES DEHART 15 Dec 1952 Sep 1986 (not specified) (none specified) 459-98-8956
LON DEHART 16 Feb 1877 Sep 1967 77009 (Houston, Harris, TX) (none specified) 460-09-6555
VALLIE DEHART 28 Mar 1916 18 Jun 1988 77639 (Orangefield, Orange, TX) (none specified) 460-14-3182
CARL DEHART 31 Dec 1892 May 1966 75766 (Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX) (none specified) 460-26-7322
ELMER DEHART 12 Jan 1927 Jan 1990 76134 (Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX) (none specified) 460-28-3582
JOSEPH DEHART 17 Jun 1909 Apr 1956 (not specified) (none specified) 460-62-7498
VERA DEHART 10 Jan 1895 Feb 1985 77662 (Vidor, Orange, TX) (none specified) 461-01-6847
L DEHART 29 May 1919 06 May 1989 77612 (Buna, Jasper, TX) (none specified) 461-01-9709
ROBERT DEHART 01 Apr 1905 12 Nov 1990 (not specified) (none specified) 461-07-4358
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R DEHART 09 Jan 1918 Oct 1983 75766 (Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX) 75766 (Jacksonville, Cherokee, TX) 462-18-8959
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MONT DEHART 07 Aug 1918 02 Nov 1988 77705 (Beaumont, Jefferson, TX) (none specified) 466-07-6537
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